Hefco Solution’s Service Solutions

Our services are designed specifically with the heavy equipment industry in mind.  We have leveraged our 100+ years of experience within the finance and insurance business to ensure your business has the best service available to ensure your fleet of machines is easy to manage and support.  If you have only one machine and have just started your business or 300+ machines and are running a complex operation Hefco Solutions highly specialized and trained Mobile Reps offer you the convenience and relationship long since lost in the business world.  We believe our unique combination of old school relationships and high technology solutions will provide that peace of mind that comes from knowing who you are dealing with has your best interests in mind.

Mobile Reps

Bringing back the Personal Touch of the Past

We take the service to you

Our goal is to provide a service experience that combines the best of both the latest in technology innovation and our old school belief that our customers deserve a personal, collaborative experience and long term relationships and your local community. Call us old fashioned, we just don’t see any other way it makes sense. Let’s get the conversation started today.


Commercial Services can take a long time. We use technology and skill to navigate and reduce the timelines.

48 Hour Turnaround is our goal

It seems the world is moving faster everywhere we look but many services still operate in the shadow of long delays and constant prodding to move transactions along. We provide a valuable man in the middle approach to keep things moving along. You will be in the loop at all times and updates are provided via our industry leading mobile app that helps you stay connected without all the hassle. Knowing where things are at as it happens is a refreshing change and might even lower your blood pressure…


The advantages of high tech + high touch

Keep things simple...

Keep it simple. That’s what our customers and dealers told us. We took that to heart with our disruptive business model that reduces the turnaround time and reduces the number of customer touch points to two from as many as 10-15. Our partners and dealers worked hard with us behind the scenes to develop a better way of doing business. We know you will find this hard to believe but keeping it simple saves time, money and is really good for the environment.

Your Bill - Your Way

We think a bill that is correct and actually makes sense to you will make your day.

Can paying your bill be fun?

Complex billing from multiple vendors is a real challenge for businesses everywhere. We know that you have enough on your hands than sorting through endless numbers of transactions for your leasing, finance, rentals, service, insurance, bonding, and repairs. Our services are neatly organized on a simple to read and yet detailed invoice that tracks your spending and service contracts in one place. No more trying to keep track of the expiry dates of loans or insurance riders, we put everything in one place so you only have to look for one invoice OURS!

Hefco Solutions Services

Our service offerings are designed specifically for the heavy equipment owner and the dealers that serve them.  We combine state of the art technology and old school service that simplifies and consolidates most aspects of machine ownership.  We understand that everyone is busy and you already have too many emails and phone calls every day, so our services are designed to be less disruptive and in the background so you can concentrate on running your business and providing value to your customers.

Why Choose Us

  • One Call – One Contact
  • Mobile Reps
  • High Tech – High Touch (old school service)
  • Wide selection of solutions and services
  • Focused on your heavy equipment fleet and business

What Client’s Say

All I was looking for was to finance a used machine but after taking with my Hefco Solutions rep we discovered that I could expand my operations through the consolidation of a number of other loans and leases. In the end, I saved money but the ease of doing business and speed of the Hefco Solutions team really makes the difference.
Forestry Customer - Victoria area, Private Corporation BC